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Hi I’m Tom and welcome to Metal Guitar Gear.

I set up this website as I am known amongst my friends as “the metal guy”, so whenever somebody wants to get a specific metal tone, or wondering if a particular bit of kit will sound metal, they came to me for advice.

So I thought, surely they aren’t the only people who struggle with this? Thus was born!


I’ve been playing guitar for a number of years now (starting in approx 2012) and am self-taught through YouTube videos.

I picked up an acoustic guitar one summer break during university and thought it would be a good timekiller, as I’ve always had an interest in music since I was a young age. Little did I know that I’d take to it like a duck to water, learning to play all my open chords within a month.

Since then, I play mostly electric guitar (who’d have thought it) and have an Epiphone and PRS SE that I absolutely adore. Although not the most metal guitars, they are my pride and joy.

I use a couple amps day to day, with my Boss Katana Mini for practise and Orange Dark Terror with a 2×12 Orange Cab when gigging (or just want to annoy the neighbors apparently).

Anyway – I hope you find what you need on my website, and please let me know if you have any content suggestions or feedback!